Podcast Blueprint

New to podcasting or looking to improve your existing podcast? The Podcast Blueprint has everything you need to start your own podcast.


Launching a Successful Podcast

The Podcast Blueprint includes industry-leading secrets and shortcuts to allow you to start a podcast FAST, with minimal fuss and no technical headaches. It contains our exact blueprint to create the perfect podcasting studio setup, including the best equipment recommendations for various budgets.

It will also give you a killer launch strategy, based on the results of analysing hundreds of the best podcasts coupled with years of own own hands-on experience working with some of the best radio and podcast hosts in the industry from around the world.

Podcasting 101

It seems that just about everyone and their dog are starting a podcast, but why? Take a dip into the knowledge pool and get to know how podcasting works, common questions answered, and why you should start your own podcast.

Launch Strategy

Give your podcast the best start possible with a launch strategy. Define what you want to achieve and design a plan to put you on the right track.

Audio Equipment

Whether you're a newbie and need the basics or a pro looking to upgrade, we've got a few audio equipment recommendations worth checking out.


Every good podcast has something unique and memorable about them. Create structure and style that will stick with listeners.

Content Production

Content is the bread and butter of podcasting. Keep your episodes fresh and engaging with your own content production workflow.

Recording & Editing

Record professional sounding podcasts the right way. Follow these tips and tricks to make sure your episodes are recorded and edited properly.


Draw in a crowd with expert marketing advice. Learn how you can get people talking and sharing your podcast.

Making Money

Whether you're a hobbyist doing this for fun or professional doing this full-time, it doesn't hurt to make a bit of money from your podcast.