How to Add Your Podcast to Spotify

Not on Spotify? YOU SHOULD BE! Increase your chances of getting discovered and the number of episode downloads by adding your podcast to Spotify!

By Laura Beth | 26/10/2018


Recently, Spotify launched a dedicated place for people to listen to their favourite podcast. As Spotify has over 159 million users, it’s safe to say that if your podcast isn’t on there then you’re missing out (BIG TIME)!

If you’re thinking about starting a podcast or you’ve been doing it for a while, then Spotify is a no-brainer. Increase your podcast’s discoverability and really drive traffic to your episodes by adding your podcast to Spotify!

Step 1. Hosting Your Podcast 🏠

Host it on Spreaker, Libsyn, Podbean, or some other great hosting platforms. Each of these services offers a way to submit your podcast to Spotify. Alternatively, submit your podcast manually by filling out this form.

Step 2. Check Your Audio Format 🎵🎶

Make sure your track is in an MP3 format and that the bitrate of the audio is between 96kbps and 320kbps.

Step 3. File Size 📁

Each episode needs to be under 200MB. That’s approximately 83 minutes at 320kbps or 200+ minutes at 128kbps.

Step 4. Artwork

Your artwork must be square (1:1), at a high resolution (meaning no pixelated images), and be either in a JPG or PNG file format.

Step 5. Podcast Feed

In your feed any special characters, like an ampersand (&), must be HTML encoded, e.g. ‘amp;’. HTML tags like ‘<p>’ or ‘<bold>’ will be automatically removed.

Step 6. Title Length

Titles shouldn’t exceed 20 characters. Anything more will be cut off in an ellipsis, so keep it brief and summaries your main focus point.

Step 7. Podcast Feed Requirements

All podcast feeds must have a title, image, and at least one episode to be accepted by Spotify.

Step 8. Copyrighted Content ©

Spotify doesn’t like copyrighted content, so make sure your podcast feed has original content and doesn’t lean too heavily on copyrighted materials like tracks or audio clips of other podcasts.

Step 9. Spotify Approval

Once submitted to Spotify, all there is to do is wait for approval. This varies and can take anything from around a few hours up to 5 working days. Spotify will notify you once approved or disapproved.

Step 10. Podcast Stats 📈

The last thing worth mentioning is that Spotify doesn’t tell you your stats directly. You will have to get your stats from your podcast host instead. Most platforms let you know where listeners have downloaded your podcast.

Once you’ve done all these steps you will have successfully added your podcast to Spotify. 10% of podcast listeners use Spotify to listen to podcasts so you can expect your reach to be improved and your podcast’s popularity to grow.


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