Best Podcasts of the Week: 17th December, 2018

The festive season is rolling around! Why not take a moment to breathe and check out these awesome podcasts?

By Daryl Gorman | 17/12/2018

Tis the season, but for some people it’s a pretty stressful and chaotic time of year. Not to worry because we have a wonderful collection of podcasts for you to take a minute and chill out with, (or chaotically wrap those Christmas presents with them on in the background!).

Oh Lord Won’t You Buy Me A Podcast

An adman, a communist and a scientist start up a podcast… No this isn’t the start of a terrible joke, this is an awesome podcast called Oh Lord Won’t You Buy Me A Podcast! Join Scientist Alan, Communist Craig, and Adman Duncan, as they relive and discuss different famous advertisements, and work out what exactly the deal is with ads anyway?

Listen here:
Oh Lord Won’t You Buy Me A Podcast

Rebel Rebel

Join the Rebel Rebel podcast as they take a look into the hearts and minds of different creators, innovators, and ‘rebellious entrepreneurs’. Hosted by Michael Dean Dargle, Rebel Rebel explores the world of creators and innovators, finding out what inspires them, motivates them and challenges them in their daily lives.

Listen here: Rebel Rebel

Cup to Cup

You know those chats that you have at the bar sometimes that just wouldn’t happen anywhere else? Well now Cup to Cup is bringing you a group of college friends discussing anything and everything (minus politics!). Join Jason, Kevin and Chase, in their strange ramblings and kick back for a while. It’ll be a right laugh!

Listen here:
Cup to Cup

The Olympians Podium

Need some inspiration in your life? The Olympians Podium is a fantastic sports podcast, hosted by Olympian, Joseph Polossifakis. Each episode, he talks to a different Olympic athlete about their amazing accomplishments, how they got to where they are, inspiring stories and even some insight into how they achieve their goals.

Listen here:
The Olympians Podium

Odours of the Odeon

Want to delve into a world of movies that you may not have heard of before? Odours of the Odeon focuses on a different unique movie every episode, and takes a look at the movie itself and why it might have slipped under peoples radars. With one episode released every week, you'll have a blast kicking back and escaping reality for a while with this one!

Listen here: Odours of the Odeon

And that's the end! Now get back to all your festive preparations! But before you do, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss the next week load of podcasts! You can also follow our social media (@podcastdotco) to see our podcast picks through the week! 


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