Best Podcasts of the Week: 24th December, 2018

It’s nearly Christmas! We’re here with an extra (slightly early!) present. A whole sleigh-load of podcasts! 🎁

By Daryl Gorman | 24/12/2018

There’s only one more sleep until Christmas! And to get you through the night, we have a bunch of awesome podcasts for you to stick on in the background while you wait for Santa Claus! Here we go-ho-ho!

The E Project

More inspiration for you guys! The E Project aims to highlight young creative minds and entrepreneurs. It showcases what they’ve managed to achieve and how they got there, with the hopes of inspiring new creative minds to work hard for their dreams. Hosted by the lovely, Jodianne Beckford, this is one you’re going to want in your stocking!

Listen Here: The E Project

Dirty History

Think of this one as a more adult version of Horrible Histories! Self-described as ‘the history you wished they taught in school but don't’, you might not want to listen to this over your Christmas Dinner! Exposing the violent, vulgar, and just downright nasty side of history that you thought you knew. Gross stuff but also a whole lot of fun!

Listen Here: Dirty History

What On Earth Is Going On?

We’ve all been asking that question over recent years! Hosted by Ben Charland, the podcast focuses on different issues gracing our headlines, such as, VR and AI, racism, access to clean drinking water, and even selfies! A great podcast to listen to if you ever feel like the world's gone a bit nuts!

Listen Here: What On Earth Is Going On?

Asteroid FM

2078. The Earth is dead and gone. A small colony of miners remain on an asteroid, using machines to harvest the materials from our solar empire, and listening to one solitary radio station. Ex-miner, James Corry, keeps everyone entertained and informed with the latest galactic goings-on and some sweet lo-fi and vaporwave music.

Listen Here: Asteroid FM

Anytown USA

There are plenty of interesting towns in the US, and Anytown USA is aiming to find the most interesting stories about a bunch of different towns! From the second tallest lighthouse in the US, to lakes where fish refuse to swim, to ghost towns, each episode focuses on a new place in the US and hones in on some super weird and interesting stories!

Listen Here: Anytown USA

And that’s the end! Or is it? You might want to run and check out our social media (@podcastdotco) for a few festive surprises 😉

🎁🎄Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from The Team!🎄🎁


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