Epic DIY Microphone Windshields

Take your podcast brand to a whole new level by making your own custom microphone windshield with a branded logo.


Big Things Come in Small Packages: Tascam MiniStudio Creator Review

It may look a little strange, but this little studio really packs a punch! We take a look at just what the Tascam MiniStudio can do!


15 Microphone Techniques You Should Be Using

Improve your podcast's audio with these 15 essential microphone tips to get professional sounding shows.


Calling All Podcasters!

Exciting news! The Podcast.co beta platform is launching early 2019, so be first in line by requesting access today!


What is a Podcast Script?

Exactly what is a podcast script anyway? 🤷 Let’s find out!


USB vs XLR: Mic Death Battle

Who would win in a shootout comparison between XLR vs USB microphones? Find out!


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