USB vs XLR Microphone: Which is Better?

Who would win in a shootout comparison between XLR vs USB microphones? Find out!


How to Add Your Podcast to Spotify

Not on Spotify? YOU SHOULD BE! Increase your chances of getting discovered and the number of episode downloads by adding your podcast to Spotify!


Podcast Transcriptions: Why You Should Turn Audio into Text

Make your content accessible and SEO friendly by turning audio into text with podcast transcriptions.


5 Ways To Stop Pops and Plosives

If your recordings are less than perfect and the pesky pops and plosives are ruining your podcast, then help is at hand. Here are 5 ways to stop pops and plosives before, during, and after recordings


Podcast Editing Guide

If you’ve finished recording your podcast then it’s time to get editing! Not sure where to start? Here’s our handy podcast editing guide to help you out.


Review: Veenax Pogo Sport Earbuds

Thinking about getting a new pair of wireless earphones? We weigh up the pros and cons of the Veenax Pogo Sport Earbuds to see if they’re the ones for you.


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