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Technical guides on how to get your podcast up and running.

Big Things Come in Small Packages: Tascam MiniStudio Creator Review

It may look a little strange, but this little studio really packs a punch! We take a look at just what the Tascam MiniStudio can do!


15 Microphone Techniques You Should Be Using

Improve your podcast's audio with these 15 essential microphone tips to get professional sounding shows.


Calling All Podcasters!

Exciting news! The Podcast.co beta platform is launching early 2019, so be first in line by requesting access today!


Marketing tips and tricks to grow your podcast.

Does Podcast Length Matter?

Worried your podcast is a bit too long? Figure out the perfect length for your shows and how long your podcasts should be.


You’re Boring Alone, Invite a Guest

When you get into a good routine, changing things up can seem rather pointless, but here’s why guests are important for your podcast and how to invite them on board.


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Want to record a podcast, but don't have the equipment or technical know-how? Using cutting-edge technology, the Podcast.co studio lets just about anyone record and manage their own shows.

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