Who Are Podcast.co?

Founded on the idea that podcasting should be as simple as clicking a button, Podcast.co is a team of professionals dedicated to building the best podcasting solution.

Our Team

James Mulvany


Mike Cunsolo

Marketing Director

Aaron Corkin

Operations Director

John White

Technical Director

Laura Shenton

Content Producer

Jamie Ashbrook

Community Manager

Ben Hamlen


Krzysztof Lis

Senior Developer

Guillaume Boscher

Back End Developer

Adam Marcinkiw

Junior Developer

Tom Hughes

Audio Engineer

Daryl Gorman

Marketing Assistant

Laura Beth

Content Producer

Sam Mawhinney

Junior Developer

Harry Paz


Reuben Manicom-Smith

Content Intern

Rowan Jones

Junior Developer

Podcastco Pod Studio Overview

Our Studio

Want to record a podcast, but don't have the equipment or technical know-how? Using cutting-edge technology, the Podcast.co studio lets just about anyone record and manage their own shows.

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