You’re Boring Alone, Invite a Guest

When you get into a good routine, changing things up can seem rather pointless, but here’s why guests are important for your podcast and how to invite them on board.


Make Your Podcast Sing with These Sound Effects

Attract more attention and breathe some new life into your shows with some podcast sound effects.


5 Radio & Podcasting Differences You Probably Didn’t Know

There are a few major differences between live radio and podcasting. We take a look at some obvious, and some less obvious differences between the two formats.


Why You Should Be Using Podcasts for Your Brand

Exploring different promotional tools is important for your brand. We explain the benefits of using podcasts for your brand and how it will help promote you and diversify your marketing strategy.


Places You Should Definitely be Submitting Your Podcast

Submit your podcast to the best directories and grow your listeners. Alternatively, let us handle the submission process for you!


Why You Should Upload Your Podcast to YouTube

You may have noticed a lot of podcasters posting to YouTube as well as normal audio only platforms. We look at why uploading to YouTube can help grow your podcast audience.


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